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What Is a BIA and Why Is It Important?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a geographic area in a municipality, wherein which a BIA Board of Management made up of local business and commercial property owners, elected at the time of Toronto municipal elections and serving on a volunteer basis, has a mandate to promote economical development by enhancing the safety, look and feel of their neighbourhoods to attract more visitors to shop and dine, as well as to draw new businesses to their area. BIAs are created and governed by Provincial and Municipal legislation.

The Bloorcourt BIA was established in 1979 and has boundaries at Dufferin at the West, and Montrose / Crawford to the East, north and south to the commercial laneways.

Every commercial property owner and business tenant is automatically a member of the BIA. In order to fund these business and neighbourhood improvements, the BIAs set and manage budgets which are raised by an additional tax on commercial properties called the annual BIA levy, collected by the City of Toronto together with property tax payments. This money pays for most of the local street festivals and events, as well as streetscape upgrades (beyond the basic city standards), public art, and seasonal and neighbourhood branding.

Why Did the Bloorcourt BIA Come Into Being?

Before the Dufferin Mall was built, that land was known as the Dufferin Park Race Track. As far back as the 1880s, the local land owners, the Denison family created a riding track on their property for their own private use. Sometime around 1905, the track started being leased as a public racetrack, though the first official records of public racing there are in 1907. The track closed in 1955. In 1956 the site was established as the Dufferin Plaza Shopping Centre and in the 1970s the shopping plaza was converted to an enclosed mall space and renamed the Dufferin Mall.

The Bloorcourt BIA came into being largely as a response to the creation of the mall, which changed the landscape of the Bloorcourt commercial main street considerably. The western half of the BIA had had a strong retail presence.

Remnants of this racetrack history are still evident in the neighborhood - the Black Horse Tavern, the maker-space Site 3 in the laneway at Concord and Bloor used to be an old blacksmith shop and there are still coach houses that can be found on Rusholme Road.

Board of Directors

The Bloorcourt BIA volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of 12 elected representatives and 2 City of Toronto Councillors. The volunteer Board of Directors are elected every four years at the Annual General Meeting. Directors must operate a business, represent a business or own a property within the Bloorcourt BIA boundary. The Board of Directors meet monthly on the second Wednesday of every month. Board members also participate in sub-committees. Currently the active sub-committees are: • Marketing & Communications • Festival & Events • Streetscape • Litter, Crime & Graffiti • Finance The Bloorcourt BIA membership is invited to participate on any of these sub-committees. We welcome the input and assistance on our many projects. If you have any ideas or concerns you think we should be addressing, we would love to hear from you.

Angela Burns

  • Member of the Litter, Crime, Graffiti Committee

Anna Zapletal


  • Chair of the Festival/Events Committee
  • Member of the Marketing & Communications Committee

Antonia Yee
Mydark Holdings

  • Member of the Festival/Events Committee
  • Member of the Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Member of the Streetscape Committee

Britney Andrade
Royal LePage Supreme Realty Brokerage

  • Member of the Marketing & Communications committee

George Cabral
Studio Cabral

  • Member of the Marketing & Communications committee
  • Member of the Festival & Events committee

Roona Maloney
The Children's Storefront

Shelley Walters
Angel Hair Salon

  • Member of the Streetscape committee

City of Toronto Councillors

Councillor Ana Bailao

  • Councillor Ward 18

Councillor Mike Layton

  • Councillor Ward 19


Simone Weir
Bloorcourt BIA


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The Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area is conveniently located close to various transportation networks. Underground: Located on the Bloor-Danforth subway line, Bloorcourt is directly accessible by both Ossington and Dufferin subway stations. • Ossington Subway StationDufferin Subway Station Above ground: Bloorcourt is directly accessible by 6 bus routes: • 63 Ossington316 Ossington (Night Service)161 Rogers94 Wellesley29 Dufferin (24 hour service)300 Bloor Danforth (Night Service) Bicycle: Bloorcourt is located in section 10 of the Toronto Cycling Map where suggested routes are linked to a city-wide network • Toronto Cycling Map By car: Parking spaces are located on Bloor Street West, various side streets and designated "Green P" parking lots.