Capital Projects

Bloorcourt Streetscape Project

Providing a high quality pedestrian experience is crucial to the success of a commercial district. 
The Bloorcourt BIA underwent streetscape construction which resulted in a cleaner, more contemporary physical environment. 
Major segments of this project were cost-shared 50/50 between the City of Toronto and the Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area. Many of the features were the result of consultations with BIA members and residents in 2010 and 2012. 
In 2013 and 2014, Phase One of the street-level construction took place. During this time, the following items were upgraded and replaced: 

1. The roadways were entirely re-surfaced and sidewalks were replaced where damaged pavement existed 
2. The above ground planters & trees were removed and re-planted underground, creating more space for pedestrians. 

Phase Two started in April 2015 and ended in May 2015. Construction was less major and took place at most side street corners that meet Bloor Street West. 

This included: 
1. The installation of additional bike parking
2. Additional seating & planting areas
3. Decorative pavement at Westmoreland, Rusholme, Delaware and Ossington

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 2010 Streetscape Plan 

 2010 Bloorcourt Streetscape Design Strategy


In 2015, the Bloorcourt BIA installed 22 flower hoops attached to Toronto Hydro poles between Dufferin and Montrose, where cascading floral displays were placed and grew throughout the summer.

Adding to our beautification efforts, in 2016, the BIA plans to install a number of banners that reflect our business landscape. Stay tuned to this page for new and exciting beautification projects that the Bloorcourt BIA will be undertaking.

Clean Streets Initiative

In 2014, the Bloorcourt BIA initiated a graffiti removal program where property owners were invited to participate in a graffiti removal program for the frontage of their property. Approximately 30% of property owners initially signed up for this program and this number continues to rise.

The graffiti removal program is one of the many projects that the Litter, Crime & Graffiti Committee would like to undertake. There are plans in the works to coordinate a litter maintenance program for the new planters in the neighborhood in addition to the ongoing removal of cigarette butts in the right of way.

Stay tuned to this page for further updates!

Clean Streets Initiative

Stay tuned to this section of the website for information about new developments in the neighborhood!